Tensorflow 2 is on the way


For those of you who don’t know why this is excellent news if you have a fairly recent GPU it won’t work with the existing releases of DAE owing to CUDA 9 being the only offering.

Essentially Tensorflow 2 means CUDA 11 (I hope) which has the knock-on effect of enabling those of us with newer NVIDIA cards to finally use our GPUs with DAE.

As to timescales I was just told that…

"A Tensorflow 2 update will be available soon."

Also, I got confirmation that the GAN can create “over a billion images” - I knew it would be a large number - just not what the number was.

I just completed 100,000 GAN images - I got one duplicate (I just generated one more and so now have no dupes)

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Generating one more so that you have no duplicates in the set sort of defeats the point of that metric, right?

Thanks for the latest. Cheers!


Nope - the point of generating digital signatures was to identify duplicate occurance which I knew was likely. DAE tell me there are over a billion possibilities which means the actual number is most likely either 2147483648 or 4294967296.

Personally I want to know if a duplication has occurred specifically so I can generate extra and be sure that I have 100,000 different images as I want to have 100k unique images as rewards for my game (it started out as 10k uniques…).

Images 80498 and 99082 (out of 100,000) generated the same signature which indicated a strong likelyhood of duplication (but not a certainty). I therefore had to visually compare them and, yes, they were identical.

The likelyhood of duplication increases as you have more images that you don’t want to match.

This is best illustrated by the “Birthday Paradox” where you take a group of people and see if any share a birthday. It always seems really wierd that if you have 23 people then there is a > 50% chance that two have the same birthday (it’s true)

Applying the same calculations to AI images actually reveals that the 50% probability occurs at either 54,563 or 77,164 (and in my case it happened at 80,498)

If I generated another 100,000 images some MAY be duplicates but this is not guaranteed to happen as there are vastly many more new images still available. All that can be said with a fair amount of confidence is that one of the 100k new images will be a duplicate (so throw it away and make another)

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Yeah I misunderstood what you were trying to do nbd