Training videos show categories but they are empty


In all the training videos at to of the screen are categories (e.g. Art Style AI, Abstract AI, Vincent AI, Artistic AI) and in the bottom only ArtStyle AI has icons/images, all the others are blank.

Also, I cannot make adjustments (e.g. Brush Size, Style Weight, Optimization Iterations) in the Art Style AI like I can in the others which have nothing in the bottom to select.

Perhaps adding a beginners video on how to add / move things from Art Style AI to the other AI’s. Or add the ADJUSTMENT ability in the Art Style AI screen.

Add a training video or have this information available on your main site as I had the same question: Comparison of the four AI types


There is a big + symbol in the bottom left. This is the place where you need to add your own reference art so it can be used as a style in Abstract AI, Vincent AI, Artistic AI


I do not appreciate suggestions that are very obvious with little or no help. Think about those who recently bought the product. Remember the first few days or weeks working with the product and the time it took to figure out how the product works. Had the response included further information as to where the files are kept, that would have been helpful.

At the bottom of the Art Style AI screen (see image 1 below), are all those wonderful icons/files, I want to edit some of the settings (see image 2 below) and cannot do so in Art Style AI screen like I can in the other screens Abstract AI, Vincent AI, and Artistic AI which have the adjustments (second paragraph of my original issue).

To be clear, I clicked that + in Abstract AI, Vincent AI, and Artistic AI. I am prompted to locate the files.

I am talking about the default files, where are they kept so one can add them to Abstract AI, Vincent AI, Artistic AI?

It should be easy to reference or move or copy them to Abstract AI, Vincent AI, Artistic AI within Deep Art Effects without having to find their location on my computer, where ever that may be (third paragraph of my original issue).

Documentation is severely missing. The training videos only cover how to do art work, which is great, but not what my issue was addressing of getting the default Art Style AI screen files into Abstract AI, Vincent AI, or Artistic AI.

Image 1 Art Style AI (without adjustment ability):

Image 2 Artistic AI (with adjustment ability):


@hutch10 just trying to help. Sorry if it was to brief.

You are referencing to a ‘a place where the files are kept’, this is a misconception of thought in order to what you seemingly want to achieve.

The AI’s work differently and thus have different controls.

  • Art Style works with pre-defined styles

The other three, work with your input to create styles.

  • Abstract & Vincent, work with your reference are (to be inputted in the bottom left) and you can set the brush size and style weight in order to take create your own style
  • Artistic AI on top of that has the ability to do more than one iteration, in effect it tries to apply the style more then once, leading to a different and very powerful style created

You cannot use the predefined styles in Art Style AI the other AI’s

So to be clear, the images of Art Style AI are just low res thumbnails aiding you to select the actually styles. In no way can be they be used to create or adjust them in the other AI’s
The other AI’s require your input, your images, your art (this can be any image. based on that input and your settings a style is created for you.