Unable to save work

I am unable to save my work. Everything was working fine, goes through the process of creating artwork but nothing happens when I try to save it. I tried deleting and reinstalling the software. Any ideas?

I have the same problem. Any solutions yet ? I reinstalled an older version 1.0.12. It is working again.

One thing uninstalling / re-installing DAE doesn’t so is remove the working directory DAE uses to store files that are local to your machine.

There’s one specific file I’ve had problems with recently and others from before. My previous problem resulted in the Clear Cache button being added to Info -> About.

The following process will make DAE ‘forget’ your License Key so go to the main site, log in and get your key as you’ll need it after this…

On Mac / Linux open a Terminal window and type in this…

rm -f .deeparteffects/settings

Note the dot / period / full-stop before deeparteffects On Mac / Linux this denotes a hidden file (you can see it with “ls -la” though)

On Windows open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Users\{Your Username}\.deeparteffects and delete the file ‘settings’

Now start up DAE and enter your license key again and try a quick test to see if this fixes the problem and you can save again.

I had problems with Batch Processing not working and tracked the problem down to that specific file so its quite possible your problem may be a corrupted settings file as well.

If this doesn’t fix things then try deleting the whole .deeparteffects directory - Windows users, do it from Windows Explorer, Mac / Linux it’s…

rm -rf .deeparteffects

Note that deleting the entire directory also deletes the cache and assets DAE uses to style your images - don’t worry, it’ll download them again as it needs them.

Deleting both DAE and .deeparteffects FULLY uninstalls the program, a normal uninstall leaves the .deeparteffects directory on your drive

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We fixed a saving issue. Please download and install dae from here again:

There is no notification or hint of any kind that two versions of a release are available - something like 1.1.1a for the patched version?

There are at least three 1.1.1 releases that have been patched (Mac, CLI and Linux GPU)

I went so far as to re-install Linux and CUDA not realising the issue was with DAE having the wrong library in the release (thanks)

On Windows open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Users{Your Username}.deeparteffects and delete the file ‘settings’. - that helped me , thanks again dude :slight_smile: