Video output is very unexpected

Hi DAE Team

I just bought the lifetime version of DAE this week.
My purpose doing that, was to also use it as a video animation tool.

At the moment I am very disappointed.
But why?

After rendering the videos with an effect and exporting it, the videos don’t look like expected and how they are supposed to look in my eyes. It doesn’t look at all, as if the engine took all those processed videoframes (and it takes it’s time) to make a video out of them. No, it looks, like the program takes the pattern of one frame and puts it over the whole sequence.

like this…

I can’t believe, this is supposed to be the result. Is it really?
If so, I would like to have a simple, put together all frames in a video mode.

Because, when a video is generated in a single frame way, a video looks like that.

…and this is in my eyes much more interesting. Even so in this case with this mosaic effect, it is a bit of a flickering flaw.

Thanks for looking into my problem.