Video Problems- dissolves instead of cuts


I have an edited video with many cuts- I want to run DAE processes on the video, but it changes cuts to dissolves and mixes previous shots into the current shots sometimes. On top of that- I input a 24 fps video (quicktime or mp4) and it kicks out a 24.7? fps file. I would like to batch directories on file sequences instead of use movie files- is there an easy way to do this or do I need to do it with the command line version? In order to get the GAN to try and treat the shots separately, (I have too many shots to break them all up and feed DAE separately) I put space in between the shots and used flashing black and white frames but it had no effect in separating the shots. I think I want to treat every single frame separately instead of how they blend when using a video file.
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Davy Force


One suggestion I have, David, is take your original video and process the specific clips in DAE, then import each of those individual clips into a new re-edited version.

I utilize DAE and other SFX (Special Effect) programs for the effects I need and process a specific clip or scene in that program. Then, I import those SFX clips into my final video which I edit in Avid, Pinnacle, VideoStudio, or the like, where I have more control in the final product (video).

In your case, you want cuts and not dissolves, do the clips in DAE, then import into your video editing program where you have greater control. Yes, this process takes a time, and you get the results you what, not what the native SFX program or DAE gives you.


I realize feeding the shots in separately would work better. But I have 150 shots and not willing to export all separately and run them. I ended up using a different AI software that handles cuts fine. A good “simple” feature to add would be to have it reset the deep learning model (like on frame 1) if it detects a cut in the video (auto cut detection not terribly difficult these days) Thanks for the quick response and good luck!


Ah, makes total sense now. I agree that if a cut is made it should translate into a cut and not a dissolve. What I did for images not videos was posted earlier. I am sure you could do the same process with video. I haven’t had a need to do multiple videos.

Here’s the link for the still images process I am addressing above:


Yes I attempted Command Line batching which I assume would do this (although may look jumpier when not blended) but could not get it to pick up the process. I will review this thread…