DAE thinks I am offline but I'm not

I launched the (registered) GUI version of DAE for the first time in several months.

I’m trying to use “Generate with AI”. Every time, I get “This Feature requires an active internet connection! Please check your connection and retry.”

Obviously, if I can post on this forum from the same machine, I must have internet connectivity.

What’s going on? Is the DAE API down? How can I get around this and use the software?

This is paid software. Can I please get some support? Does anyone from DAE monitor these forums?

Please. Help me make the software work.


Hello Rick and welcome to the DAE support.

First of all, we apologize that you had to face this issue.

We are currently working on it and trying to figure out what’s causing this feature not to work properly.


Hello Ahmed,

Thank you for your reply.

Please note that I am also having an issue with the GAN function in the command line app. The issue is described in detail here: How to use the GAN art CLI

This issue prevents me from using the Generate function in either application.

Please review my report and let me know how to fix this.

Thank you,

Hello Ahmed0,

I am happy to report that both of the issues mentioned in this thread have now been resolved. No one informed me and there is not notification here in the forum. But, I tried the same steps again to reproduce the issue and found that it now works.

Thank you for fixing it.

But, why no notification?