DeepArtEffectsCLI for Mac?


Can you release an official JAR version of DeepArtEffectsCli please

I just created one from the Windows 10 version for my Mac - it complains a bit (known Mac issue - XXX is implemented in both…) but I can live with it, particularly as I get to use my PC while my Mac churns away creating lots of images.

Think I’ll go try the same trick on my Raspberry Pi now :slight_smile:


@deeparteffects please look into this


Hahaha! Using my dae.jar I created this…

So what? Err…

Hardware : Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1 - 4Gb
Operating System : Raspberry Pi OS 32 bit
Render Time : 24.440 seconds (960 x 540)

Note that some messing around was required - it requires an old version of openjfx (not a newbie friendly procedure).

Still, RPi users tend to like messing around so it’s worth a news release on RPi discord if nothing else.

Wonder if my 1Gb Pi 3 can handle the job…

DeepArtEffectsCli on a Raspberry Pi 3 with 1Gb RAM