Loading Styles... and nothing happens


I have downloaded the desktop version and purchased the 3 month license as a trial. No matter which version I install (also GPU with step by step instructions incl. CUDA) after startup a screen appears with the window “Download Style” and NEVER ends…


if I stop, and then select a style it looks similar… I cannot work with it.

I need help urgently, because a friend of mine needs a photo with a special look. Thx

OS: Windows 10

  1. Open Deep Art Effects and select “info” --> “about” in the top menu bar.
  2. In the about dialog there is a button called “clear cache* ” do that
  3. Stop the program
  4. Start again
  5. Try again to use the style, please note that the server needs a unhindered connection in order to download the style from our servers. Once this is complete 100% it can be used.


If that fails, contact Julia on our websites chat, she can help via chat support


Thanks for your answer. I tried this before. I doesn’t work for me.

Concerning the Error Log, I think the problem is located somewhere else… (Java? Paths?)

“2020-03-13 17:52:49,512 INFO c.d.r.c [Thread-6] DeepArtEffects Core initialized!
2020-03-13 17:52:49,558 INFO c.d.r.s.ArtFilter [Thread-4] the style “dd87e344-e283-4c2f-8708-19c5f820eac3” is out of date!
2020-03-13 17:52:49,558 INFO c.d.r.s.ArtFilter [Thread-4] the style “c7984f92-1560-11e7-afe2-06d95fe194ed” is out of date!
2020-03-13 17:52:49,558 INFO c.d.r.s.ArtFilter [Thread-4] the style “c7985a74-1560-11e7-afe2-06d95fe194ed” is out of date!”

But I really don’t know what to do… My Internet connection is constantly active…


Sure, but there could be a firewall or anti-virus software or security suite that tries to ‘scan’ the download during the process. This could cause it not to complete.

The download is initiated, otherwise it wouldnt be at 87/100 % … it means its already progressed quite a bit and then ‘something’ interrupted it. Apart from checking things that could interrupt it (firewals, av software etc) there’s not much that you can do apart from retry.

Also is there a specific reason why you are using the CUDA version ? If there is not a specific need we do not recommend this (beta) software. Just use the normal CPU based rendering for most applications.


Some people wrote that they figured out that sometimes you have to set high performance in windows 10 graphics settings and run in administrator mode.

Please also note: The first time you use the GPU version. it can take up to 2 minutes till the graphic card is initialized, so please wait. see also the hint at How To: Install Deep Art Effects GPU “Please note: The first time you use the Windows desktop version on GPU it may take some time to initialize the NVIDIA graphic card”

Please also have a look if you put the cudnn files in the right directory.