PC Support update for GPUs?

Hi, I see dozens of comments about the cuda issues and 30xx card issues in this forum and hardly any requests for Mac support. But we get an announcement for better Mac support? When can we expect an update to use something other than the PC CPU with 30xx+ cards?

I have been waiting for 2 years for an ‘update’ that allows me to use the program for what I intending using it for for… ‘4k Video’. Without GPU support it takes hours and hours to render a few seconds- no good.
I bought this program over 3 years ago and practically never used it, awaiting a GPU support update… just constant broken promises!! was so excited last Nov/December to hear of an Update in January 2023 that would provided gpu support and more features - 6 months later… nothing!! very disappointed TBH.

Hello @Neil.B and @Shor thank you so much for your feedback, and I’m verry sorry the software doesn’t meet your expectations. As you probably know, we have a small team of dedicated developers who work almost around the clock to provide the best experience possible when using our software. We have many things on our roadmap, but due to the small size of our team it’s impossible to implement everything at once. We are implementing the features that we receive the most requests for, in this case, the Mac M1 chip is used widely, and many of our (potential) customers were having issues using the software. Hence, our developers fixed this issue as first.
Please be assured that we will keep working, improving and developing our software further, in order to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. Unfortunately I don’t have any exact dates at this moment.
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

With kind regards,

ain’t anything useful been implemented in years
but hey Neil check out runway.ml. they have style transfer image to video. with a paid acct you may have the functionality you are looking for.

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Hey @kingofpain , regarding your comment that nothing useful has been implementing in the last few years, I can confirm that we are working on a major release, which will be called Deep Art Creator. Can’t say too much at this moment, but there will be some huge changes inside the software.

Hi! We are waiting for a good news and updates!
Release alfa/beta at least please!

Hello @drams unfortunately I don’t have an exact date yet of when Deep Art Creator will be released. Rest assured we will notify everyone through the forum and our socials. Thank you for your understanding.