RTX 3070 + GPU version


How do I run RTX 3070 with Deep Art Effects GPU version? It seems it does not work, either if I use CUDA 9.0 or CUDA 11.2 following all the instructions.


Which instructions?


DAE GPU will only work with Cuda 9.0

If you’ve got 11.2 installed changing your CUDA_PATH environment variable may help (if not already correct)

In Windows Explorer Right Click on ‘This PC’ and select Properties, then click ‘Advanced System Settings’ in the left menu and finally ‘Environment Variables’ in the Systems Properties window. Now check/alter your CUDA path in the System Variables section on the Environment Properties window.


I will try this, thank you!


Unfortunately, it does not work. It infinitely trying to render, but can’t start it.


Try a smaller image

One thing I do when having problems like this is to work out some rough limits to the image size.

  1. TestSize = 1024
  2. Start with an image that’s TestSize x TestSize
  3. Try rendering it with DAE
  4. Did it work?
    Yes) Make TestSize = TestSize + (TestSize / 2), go to (1)
    No) Make TestSize = TestSize - (TestSize / 2), restart DAE, go to (1)

At some point TestSize will be a small enough number to make repeated testing pointless

You can use the same image over and over for testing. Start with a big original and keep on resizing it to TestSize x TestSize and saving that version to test with

The above method is known as a binary chop. You should get to a sensible number in under 10 tries (actually, you’ll most likely get a number a lot faster than that, 10 is the number of times to get it down to 1 pixel accuracy)

Note - the choice of 1024 to start is very deliberate - I already know 1540x1540 will fail if 1024x1024 passes.


I tried, I believe the reason is that RTX 3070 is not supported by CUDA 9.0 (at least when it was installing it was said that there is no supported GPU found). I tried 400x400px tests, does not work


Oh well, I suppose DAE GPU had to eventually run into this issue.

To be fair it’s equally NVIDIA’s fault for not making CUDA backwards compatible

I guess you’ll just have to take up bit-coin mining on your 3070 and buy a 1080 with the profits :slight_smile: